A game about conducting an unstable Lovecraftian ritual 

“You are trying to wake ancient unnameable gods by taming dark and secret powers. You’ll need to be cautious, as the ritual is as unstable as your skills, and the creature’s condition will degrade if you don’t maintain a balance … To a point of no return. 

Conduct the awakening of living blasphemous fish-frog or find the secret to bring to life The One Old ! They’re waiting for you ...”


  • Maintain the stability of your creature while bringing it to this world. 
  • Choose and combine wisely, as the ritual will become more and more difficult. 
  •  Discover up to 10 ancient gods by combining certains traits in a successful ritual. 


A mighty mouse will only be asked from you. 


English only, but you will encounter some unspeakable words … 


A game by Théo Saragas, Cecil Desbaies and Matteo Gaulmier, all from Nameless XIII.
Music credits : "Ultimate Game Music Collection", John Leonard French / "Dawn of Man", Quincas Moreira


It was a real thrill working on LoveCrafting and we're working on a full release. 

If you would like to help us, you can join our Discord here : discord.gg/mvcnpjd5Yv 

Thanks a lot about your support and we see you soon !



0.1 (05/10/2021 - 0h00

- Hidden) : First release

0.2 (05/10/2021 - 0h30) :

- Fixed a bug preventing cards to appear on build

0.3 (06/10/2021 - 14h00) :

- Fixed a bug where cards were getting out of screen

- Fixed a bug not previewing the corresponding caracteristics with "trait" cards

- Fixed a bug not showing the corresponding "mask" when unlocking a god.

- Fixed a bug not playing "whispers" sound

0.3.1 (13/10/2021 - 14h30) :

- Added an option to cut off "whispers" sound

0.4 (22/10/2021 - 00h00) :

- Added a rule preventing a card to have similar actions.

- Added constellations,  a hint system for getting gods.

- Changed the way trait are picked. Now, it'll give you at least one trait leading to a god, if possible.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(88 total ratings)
AuthorNameless XIII
Made withUnity
Tagscthulhu, Lovecraftian Horror, Ludum Dare 49
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksLudum Dare


Lovecrafting_LudumDare49_0.4.zip 47 MB

Development log


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Very good game! Entertaining and easy to understand mechanics, I love the artistic section :D


Very confusing, but in a good way, I dont know enough that is keeps to the confusing eldritch vibe but I get enough to stumble through till I figure it out!



This is actually really cool! I would love to see this in a larger game setting but its an awesome little minigame. 


Hello, we're happy to see you liked the game. We're currently working on expanding the core idea, if you want to check on our discord. Or you could wait a bit, we should push a new version on Itch soon.


This is such a fun and unique way to show the summoning for a great beast. Loved the gameplay once I figured it out. 

So the gameplay at first was a little confusing, but after one or two plays I got the hang of it, and now it's a really fun rush I do every now and then in my downtime. 

I've got someone in my home who is a real Lovecraft fan girl so this was a fun one to try out and show her. The graphics are so great, and the difficulty level is absolutely perfect for the ritual. 

I've played some d&d in my day, and this feels very similar to some puzzles and skill checks I've had to do for roleplays, so much that I'm showing it to my usual DM to use as a tool for someone who needs to cast a similar ritual X) 

Thank you for the fun time!


Hello, nice video you did there, it's was fun seeing you playing and trying to grasp the game. We're really pleased you enjoyed it that much and knowing our little experience made it to table-top RPG is really icing on the cake. :)

(1 edit) (+2)

A great concept but for now a bit frustrating ^^"

I guess it feels overwhelming as soon as there is a time constraint and more than two parameters to take into account. 

If this is the kind of experience that you're looking for, I would at least suggest that the icons on the cards are in the order of appearance of the right side of the screen, that would make reading the cards much easier. And also, why not, a way of tweaking the game speed ? 

So it is a recommandation as the game has potential and a great ambience :) 

Thanks for your comments, it's always good to have some insight on players' feeling about the gameplay/mechanics.  You're right about the icon's order on the card, it would have been an improvement. As for time constraint, it was removed as the game is evolving more in a deck-building roguelite.


Interesting idea.  Quickly gets harder the further along you go, but it is a really cool idea.  I adore gamejam/Ludum Dare projects because many results are so creative.  Thanks for a fun weird game.

Thanks! And we adore game jam too, it's such a pleasant way to create games!

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Yog-Sothoth approves ! And I do too. Great work guys !

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

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Not sure if you consult this page, or the ludum page more, but shouldn't you credit the game you took the music from?

I mean, your game itself is really good, but I'm surprised by the no credits


Hello FelinaLain !
The music actually comes from an asset pack (that we paid for and have the rights to use without credits), called "Ultimate Game Music Collection", by John Leonard French. You can find the concerned song here : https://soundcloud.com/game-music-collection/arid-wasteland
The music in Supraland must come from that asset pack too. 
But you're right, we should've credited it anyway, so here we go ! 

Have a good day. 


Uh, my apologies for thinking it was from a game, but super cool that you credited all the same

have a good day too!


Love(craft)ly good balancened game.

The Artwork is on the Point.
Hope there will be more in sudden time.


very cool. Great graphics, the same music and interesting gameplay. I liked it very much


this is super cool, It's totally got the lovecraftian vibe and is understandable in just a few turns


this was fun i love playing lovecraftian stuff

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. This is so cool!


Duuude this is cool as shit. I want to RELEASE THE ELDERS.




ah yes i do love  horrors beyond comprehension


Thanks for your video man ! 

I can't tell when I'm successful and when I lose on the last click.


I got the big one :)


Y'aLL this is so gOOD, the music is so amazing too!!! Love it <3


I got them all :)

Thanks a lot ! Good job, that's awesome <3


Yeah!!! I took some notes on different combinations and looked at the cards to figure out what was going on

It feels awesome to see so much dedication in our game, that's great ! <3 We are currently working on a more advanced version and a new alpha should arrive in the beginning of next year, if you would like to participate in early testing you can join us on Discord here : discord.gg/mvcnpjd5Yv ! Thanks again <3 


I don't have Discord but do feel free to message me for anything here! I'd love to participate! :)


A very intense experience. Loved the retro vibes and The Lovecraftian atmosphere.

Thanks a lot ! <3 


though like many games i am too dumb to be good at it, but i enjoy it alot though

You did very good ! Thank you for testing !


Okay so this is cool as heck, my brain hurts a little trying to figure out how not to mess up every time but it's a really cool concept, can't wait to see where you go with it!


Thank you birb <3 


Wow so rad. What a unique experience. Super tense and atmospheric. I love it!

Thank you ! 


this is amazing, love it. Is really good in every aspect.

Thank you, we're happy you loved it ! 


bro this is your seconded game and its for a game jam and you come out swinging this hard? dude im following you guys till the end of time

Thanks a lot bro ! It means a lot. And we're not done yet !


Oh god, I love Lovecraftian horror and I'm in love with your design skills. 100% will play again when I get bored for a 15 mins type of game. I appreciate you for bringing this to my life :d

Thanks a lot my friend ! It was great to do and I'm happy you liked it. Maybe we will update it more later on !