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« Many are the fools and the ambitious who have tried to uncover the secrets of the Dead Seas. 
A world where the oceans have completely disappeared to give way to labyrinthine valleys jagged with hostile reefs, to inhabitants subjected to the plots of the Empire, to the cruelty of terrifying ancient creatures or the dangers of a changing and deadly nature.
Few of them have succeeded in doing so.

This is their tales. »

█ Embody a crew of explorers in search of the mysteries of a strange world.

█ Explore the history and locations of the Dead Seas.

█ Manage and upgrade your characters and their skills, represented by decks of cards.

█ Write the story of your crew in branching narrative situations.

█ Face and survive the dangers of several regions, to make your expedition last.

⚠️ Discarded Prototype ⚠️ 
This prototype is almost certainly never seeing its full version completed or any updates, due to lack of funding, and is posted online for portfolio/history reasons. Also, as it is an early prototype/proof of concept, you'll see placeholder assets (some we can use and some we can't) and AI generated content that were never supposed to be released or sold in that state. Thank you for your comprehension.


Reefwalkers - Prototype 0.9.1

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